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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - post-Junior Race Day

  08/31/06 14:03, by , Categories: MGP 2006
At last I've got chance to catch up... The race yesterday was incredibly intense.  Starting near the front meant the level of competition was high, so I was riding with people who were quick.  This drew me on a bit, but the level of concentration… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Junior Race

  08/30/06 14:00, by , Categories: MGP 2006
This will be quite a short entry... Junior race today. I was as nervous as a kitten all morning, but as usual, was fine once the flag dropped.  Result was I finished 22nd, got a replica, a race average of 110mph and a best lap of 112mph.  Wow. Going… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day 11 - Eve of Junior Race

  08/29/06 13:58, by , Categories: MGP 2006
I got a call from the Race Office offering me start number 20 (instead of my previous 68).  Of course, I grabbed it!  The bike is ready, the van is loaded, time for bed.  Big day tomorrow. more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day ten

  08/28/06 13:57, by , Categories: MGP 2006
Easy day today - just watched some racing. The guy who won the Newcomer's race was bloody fast (117mph!), but the most amazing thing was that he "only" did 111mph in practice.  How on earth did he find 60~70 seconds? In other news, Slick had the bike… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Nine

  08/27/06 13:55, by , Categories: MGP 2006
More drama last night, after practice finished, than all week! I was driving over to Douglas just after midnight to pick my girlfriend up from the ferry terminal.  I came round Brandywell, the highest point of the course (and most remote), and was… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Eight

  08/26/06 13:54, by , Categories: MGP 2006
So, that's the end of practice week.  Had a good two laps this evening.  The weather was iffy most of the day, but the forecast was for things to brighten up in the evening.  And so it turned out, but it meant that the roads were fairly wet for about… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Seven

  08/25/06 13:52, by , Categories: MGP 2006
Anti-climax today. Not much to do to the bike, apart from fit the ultra trick Brembo radial master cylinder we bought yesterday.  Which Mike did this morning, while I had a long chat with Chris Foster about a few corners on the course. The weather… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Six

  08/24/06 13:51, by , Categories: MGP 2006
Happy chap again today! This morning we went up to Slick's first thing, to see if he could dial out the hole in the power with the new exhaust.  And it was as easy as that - a few runs on the dyno to measure the air/fuel ratio, a new map into the Power… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Five

  08/23/06 13:48, by , Categories: MGP 2006
A quick blog, cos I'm knackered. As always, there was stuff to do today.  Lots of little jobs, plus a new exhaust to fit.  I wanted to get Slick to dyno it and re-set the fuelling if required, but he was beset with customers, so I had to just run it up… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Four

  08/22/06 13:46, by , Categories: MGP 2006
A relatively easy day... We didn't have very much to do on the bike, but we did stuff anyway.  There's an intermittant problem with the starter button not working, usually resolved by turning the bars, so we tried to trace that.  Also, we weren't happy… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Three

  08/21/06 13:42, by , Categories: MGP 2006
It's late, and I'm in a better mood than you can imagine. The day didn't start so well - we went to Slick's to run the bike with the new exhaust.  We ran it with the old system (Suzuki headers, Arrow can), then dropped that off and tried to fit the full… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Two

  08/20/06 13:34, by , Categories: MGP 2006
Had the luxury of a lie on Sunday morning, which was a good thing as I had something of a hangover after drowning my sorrows last night (disappointment of not getting a couple of laps in).  After a proper breakfast, it was a bit more fettling, and then… more »
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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - First Practice

  08/19/06 13:30, by , Categories: MGP 2006
A busy day, with a poor outcome. Loads to sort out today - I had to go to the race office to sign on, and go to the riders briefing.  Sounds easy, but it took two hours.  Then a quick detour to the Fairey Bridge to say hello to the fairies (a standard… more »
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