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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day ten

  08/28/06 13:57, by , Categories: MGP 2006

Easy day today - just watched some racing. The guy who won the Newcomer's race was bloody fast (117mph!), but the most amazing thing was that he "only" did 111mph in practice.  How on earth did he find 60~70 seconds?

In other news, Slick had the bike today to try and fix a fuelling problem when accelerating at around 8k revs.  There's only about 3 places on the course where the revs fall that low, but if it can be fixed it'll be good.  When I picked the bike up, Slick said he'd improved it, but not been able to completely eliminate it, and advised me to roll, rather than crack, the throttle at those revs.  But, he'd also improved the fuelling throughout and it now has 121bhp (well, 120.9), and more peak torque than any other 600 he's seen!

Not much to do tomorrow except fit new tyres and brake pads, and clean the bike and give it a full nut and bolt check.  And then ready for the race on Wednesday...

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