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Manx Grand Prix 2007 - Day Thirteen

  08/30/07 14:57, by , Categories: MGP 2007

There was something of a hangover to be dealt with this morning...

Yesterday was brilliant, and there's loads more details to add to yesterday's blog.  The first is about my pit crew.  Mike had told me he'd sorted someone to help in the pit stop, but it was "a suprise".  I suggested that I wouldn't like suprises on race day, but he insisted.  And, low and behold, who should turn up in the paddock mid-morning but my long standing friend Rob Brock (aka RJ) who I'd not seen for years [now very sadly deceased - RIP Rob].  And, an hour or so later another mate, Bruce Rogers, turned up, having flown in from Switzerland!  So he was given overalls too.  And my pit stop was so slick - I just rode the bike to Mike, sat back while he and Rob did the fuelling (Rob on the filler cap, Mike on the fuel nozzle).  In the means time, Bruce gave me the drink bottle and removed the tear-off that I'd not managed to pull myself.  A few more gulps of drink and then I was off - perfect.

Also, my dad and Ginny had done a good job signalling from Ginger Hall.  It's not the very best place from the rider's perspective, as it is a little difficult to pick up the board as you accelerate away from Sulby Bridge, but it was very useful to know how the race was going, and to see P9 on the last lap.

After the race, as always, the atmosphere in the beer tent at the paddock was superb - everyone is in just such a good mood.  Slick was in great form, and really pleased with my 9th place, and also the fact that the bike had the fastest time of the whole field on Sulby straight - what better advert can an engine builder have than that?

The evening was great - we all (eleven of us!) went to Sarah's place (whose garage I am using as a workshop) for a big curry, and then, inevitably, to The Trafalger Hotel (aka the Traff). 

And so to today (Thursday):  After having lots of tea and a very late breakfast (cooked by RJ), I then persuaded Ginny to come for a lap of the course on Keith's CBR600 (aka the shopping bike). She thought she'd be terrified, but she adored it!  It was slightly weird riding the course at less than half racing speed.  Then I pulled the Senior bike (the 636) from the van, put it on the bench for a nut-and-bolt check after yesterday's practice lap (which was after the race; we only took it out to check the gearing, which was great - 3rd fastest bike, after two 750s, at 168mph. I did 113mph lap without really trying).  I also gave it a clean, and measured the fuel used.  Then I re-loaded the van, and everything is ready for tomorrow, Senior Race day, and the end of the racing week.

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