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Manx Grand Prix 2007 - Day Six

  08/23/07 14:41, by , Categories: MGP 2007

One of those Manx days today...

I slept late - was really tired for some reason.  I then spent a couple of hours doing nothing worth mentioning on the bikes - a basic "nut and bolt" check, fibreglassing a hole in the bellypan of the 600 (in the same place as the on found by the scrutes on the 636 last night), fuelling them up (and measuring usage) etc etc.  But it passed a pleasant couple of hours.

Last night the weather closed in after the first session, meaning that the 'slower' bikes (the classics and the 400s/125s) didn't get out.  So this evening the two sessions were switched; this meant I wouldn't be going until 7:10pm (instead of 6:15pm).  On the drive over to Douglas from Ramsey, the cloud was pretty low over the mountain, so I guessed there was a far chance we wouldn't get out.  Still, we pushed the bike through scrutineering, and waited.

At 6:15, Martin Blackburn (deputy Clerk of the Course) came on the tannoy to announce that there was a window in the weather, and practice would start. The classics and the ultra lightweight classes went away, but after 15 minutes or so Martin came back on the tannoy to say that a sea mist had blown in over the west of the island, making conditions untenable for racing, and, as importantly, that the rescue helicopter couldn't fly there.  We waited for another hour or so, in the hope that conditions would improve, but at 8pm the practice session was abandoned.

Very deflating, but it happens.  Tomorrow there'll be no work to do on the bikes, so I'll go for a sighting lap in the car.

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