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manx grand prix 2007 - Day Eight

  08/26/07 14:45, by , Categories: MGP 2007

(again being written the morning after)

(and being written in double quick time as MySpace lost the first version)

Another Manx day.  I was up early, swapping the wheels out of the 636 to put in the 600 (which got oil all over its tyres yesterday).  Then up to Slick's, to fit bodywork, wheels, etc.  After this, Keith and I did a lap in the car with Gary Carswell, local TT rider, which was massively useful.

We were second out, after the Classics again, so we got away a little after 7pm.  I protected the engine a little on the way to Ballacraine, but it was fine, and I was having a good run.  But, on the way up the Mountain Mile, the fog/cloud came down, and then we really couldn't see very well.  Then all the marshalling posts were waving the yellow flags, and we came down the mountain at around 60mph.  Which makes my 101mph lap fairly respectable, I guess.

Then, as it was the end of practice week, we went down the pub...

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