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Manx Grand Prix 2007 - Day Eleven

  08/28/07 14:51, by , Categories: MGP 2007

Very little to do today, which is good (cos it means that everything is sorted), but bad (cos there's little to think about except the race tomorrow).

I dropped a pair of wheels at Paul Dedman's for fresh rubber, and while they were being fitted I dropped the fitted wheels out, checked the brake pads, chain, nuts, bolts, etc.  I also splashed yet more fibreglass over the fresh hole in the bellypan after yesterday's practice, and, as I was feeling saucy, sprayed some black paint over the fresh 'glass.

By then it was time to get the wheels back from Paul Dedman, fit them to the bike, stand back, and admire the bike.  Then I dashed down to the airport to meet my Dad, who was flying in for a few days to watch the races.

On return to Ramsey we picked up Ginny, and went to scout out a potential signalling point at Ginger Hall.  This seemed ideal, so we then went and found the chief marshal for the sector, who happens to run the Sulby Hotel just down the road.  He was very happy for us to hang a board over the bales at Ginger Hall, and made a note to pass on the info to the marshals there.  So, while we were there, we stopped for a drink.

We then headed back, loaded the van, and....er, that's it.  We're about to eat, and then try and sleep.  Tomorrows the day.

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