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Manx Grand Prix 2007 - Day Twelve - Junior Race

  08/29/07 14:53, by , Categories: MGP 2007

I may have to add to this later, as it's late and I've been drinking...

Junior Race today - I was extra fired up because the race officials had refused to change my start number from 29 to something higher.  I demonstrated this by completely fluffing the start, and chasing number 30 down Brayhill.  I was soon past him on the run up Ballahutchin, and then set about chasing everyone else down.  I was slightly disappointed at how slowly they were coming towards me, but I think I still overtook 7 people (or so) on the first lap.

The second lap was a bit less dramatic.  My signallers were at Ginger Hall, and they hung the board out with P12 on it.  This was not good enough!  I wanted to be in the top ten! 

The pit stop went very smoothly, and then it was two more laps.  I was still catching and overtaking people, and my pit board said P9 on lap 4.  I got home, and 9th place was confirmed.  So we went to the beer tent.  And then back to Ramsey.  And then to the pub.

Full results here: http://www.manxgrandprix.org/Mountain-Course-Database/Events/Races.aspx?meet_code=MGP07&race_seq=6 ...ignore the mis-spelling of my surname...

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