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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Nine

  08/27/06 13:55, by , Categories: MGP 2006

More drama last night, after practice finished, than all week!

I was driving over to Douglas just after midnight to pick my girlfriend up from the ferry terminal.  I came round Brandywell, the highest point of the course (and most remote), and was confronted by a drunk staggering about in the middle of the road. How I missed him I don't know, but I did it by sticking two wheels in the ditch, and very nearly crashing.  I did burst two tyres, and damage a rim.  I just managed to get the car to Douglas, and then managed to mostly sort it today.

In other racing related news, I was 12th fastest last night, and glad to maintain my same relative position.  Really looking forward to the race now.

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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Eight

  08/26/06 13:54, by , Categories: MGP 2006

So, that's the end of practice week. 

Had a good two laps this evening.  The weather was iffy most of the day, but the forecast was for things to brighten up in the evening.  And so it turned out, but it meant that the roads were fairly wet for about half the course.  The smart set-up was an intermediate front tyre, and a dry rear, and that's what I used. I got out really early, and only two of the very fast guys came past, while I did 4 of the guys in front of me.

No official times at the time of writing, but my last lap was 104, and I think that keeps me in the same sort of position as the rest of the week - inside the top 20, I'm fairly sure.  (I'm chuffed to note that 104 was my fastest outright lap in practice two years ago - now I'm doing it in the damp).

Won't be riding the bike again until the Junior race on Wednesday.  First order of business tonight is to go down the pub and drink too much.

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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Seven

  08/25/06 13:52, by , Categories: MGP 2006

Anti-climax today.

Not much to do to the bike, apart from fit the ultra trick Brembo radial master cylinder we bought yesterday.  Which Mike did this morning, while I had a long chat with Chris Foster about a few corners on the course.

The weather forecast was bad, so we put the intermediate wheels in, and then it was off to the paddock.  The rain started as we queued for scrut'ing, and only about 50 bikes bothered to go through.  At 6pm it was announced that the weather was too bad (no visibility on the mountain), and practice was cancelled, so we loaded up and went home.

Last practice tomorrow night.  Hopefully I'll get a good run and cement my top 20 position.

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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Six

  08/24/06 13:51, by , Categories: MGP 2006

Happy chap again today!

This morning we went up to Slick's first thing, to see if he could dial out the hole in the power with the new exhaust.  And it was as easy as that - a few runs on the dyno to measure the air/fuel ratio, a new map into the Power Commander, and there it was done.  The new exhaust is worth having - there's now a genuine 120bhp at the rear wheel.

Then it was back to Keith's, and some general fettling.  The brakes went away a bit on the second lap last night, so on advice from Slick we swapped the pads around - the leading edge wears more than the trailing edge, so we evened them up.  And some general fettling, including gearing up an extra 1 tooth on the back, as I was revving out down Sulby straight last night

Then we were over to the paddock at the usual time, and did the usual hanging around, chatting etc.  The weather was glorious - more like the Bol D'or than the Isle of Man.  Eventually the time came round and we were off almost on time (once again a delay for diesel spilt in Ramsey). 

Then we were off, and everything was good.  The motor was now bang on, pulling hard from 8k, and allowing me to go through a lot of corners a gear higher, carrying more corner speed, and still driving hard on the exit.  Both laps felt great, as shown by the unofficial times of 107mph on the opening lap and 109 (bloody near 110, too) on the second.  And, I know there were a few mistakes, so 110 is definitely on the cards.

So, a drink and something to eat, and more fun tomorrow!

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Manx Grand Prix 2006 - Day Five

  08/23/06 13:48, by , Categories: MGP 2006

A quick blog, cos I'm knackered.

As always, there was stuff to do today.  Lots of little jobs, plus a new exhaust to fit.  I wanted to get Slick to dyno it and re-set the fuelling if required, but he was beset with customers, so I had to just run it up and down at Jurby airfield - it seemed ok.

The weather was pretty glorious by mid-afternoon, and we got thru scrut'ing nice and early, and out near the front.  This was after the start of practice was delayed by 45 minutes because a truck had spilt a load of diesel from Ramsey Hairpin up to Joey's, so they had to scrub the road.

I did two laps, in good conditions, and hoped that I would have improved my time, but I actually went slightly slower (8 seconds) than Monday, while lots of other people went faster.  The bike was quick at the top end, but had a hole in the middle of the power, so maybe that cost a bit of time.  We're at Slick's first thing tomorrow to get the fuelling sorted.

Time for bed.

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