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Comment from: Jono [Visitor]

Sorry to hear this sad tale, definitely not what you wanted. My TZ was great fun when it was running but hard to start on the grid (push starts then of course). I remember my mate stripping the innards out for me and checking it over. He was a meticulous engineer and even made new parts so that tiny oil pump worked more efficiently. I know a 600 four stroke gets a lot of stick flat out but those tiny little two strokes take some punishment and for sure need to be spot on to avoid mechanical disaster. Good luck fixing it, and if you’re at Brands again, let me know - it’s just down the road.

03/22/16 @ 20:50
Comment from: Mark Olson [Visitor]
Mark Olson

Oh bugger.

03/22/16 @ 23:46
Comment from: Pip [Visitor]

Echo Mark’s comment. Really gutted for you.

03/23/16 @ 12:36

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