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Comment from: Wik [Visitor]  

Good words, bud. “In the moment” is different for everybody and the only time I’ve ever felt that focused was doing “eek!” mph on that -12R somewhere in France, going up the Col du Bonnet on the Speed Triple and trips up the strip irrespective of how quickly.

You have my utmost respect and admiration for having actually competed in this amazing event – and not just once, either! – and having been round the island at my own, somewhat pedestrian pace, I cannot fail to be proud of you and all the guys who commit to it.

Awesome work by the spanna-wankas too :)

Here’s raising a pint to you all.

06/10/14 @ 20:11
Comment from: Tosspot [Visitor]

You did live the moment, you did what others only dream of, how many of us can look back and say “I did", instead of “I wish"?

I guess, in the final analysis, you’ll be a bit disappointed, but nowhere near as much as those of us that never tried.

Oh, and you didn’t die, that has to count for something!

06/11/14 @ 20:19

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